Wickham R/C

  • From 19:00 to 21:30


    Tuesday, 26th. September 2017

    Tuesday, 31st. October 2017

    Tuesday, 28th. November 2017

    Tuesday, 19th. December 2017

    Tuesday, 30th. January 2018

    Tuesday, 27th. February 2018

    Tuesday, 27th. March 2018

    Tuesday, 24th. April 2018

    Tuesday, 29th. May 2018

    Tuesday, 26th. June 2018



Wickham R/C FPV

  • From 19:00 to 21:30


    Tuesday, 12th. September 2017

    Tuesday, 10th. October 2017

    Tuesday, 14th. November 2017

    Tuesday, 12th. December 2017

    Tuesday, 9th. January 2018

    Tuesday, 13th. February 2018

    Tuesday, 13th. March 2018

    Tuesday, 10th. April 2018

    Tuesday, 8th. May 2018

    Tuesday, 12th. June 2018




    Rules - please read and understand before attending


  • From 19:00 to 22:00


    Saturday 14th. October 2017 

    Saturday 11th. November 2017 

    Saturday 9th. December 2017 

    Saturday 6th. January 2018 

    Saturday 3rd. February 2018 

    Saturday 3rd. March 2018



Fleming Park

  • “Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to hold any events at Fleming Park this season. Development work at Fleming Park Leisure Centre includes a new main hall, which is 50% larger than the existing main hall. This should be available for use from the end of November 2017. Unfortunately we have been notified of operational issues with both the existing and new main halls. The net which divides the existing main hall into two, and is fully withdrawn against the wall for our events, is in such a state of disrepair that it cannot be drawn back. This would mean flying in two separate sections of the hall, with models inevitably being entangled in the net. The new main hall will have nets all around the inside of the hall, with similar consequences. At present Fleming Park does not have any means of retrieving models entangled in the nets, other than hiring a cherry picker from an external company. On this basis, Fleming Park is unwilling to accept a booking for indoor model flying for the foreseeable future.

    We are currently seeking an alternative venue with an eight badminton court hall, and will advise on any developments.”

Wickham F/F

  • From 19:00 to 22:00


    Tuesday, 3rd. October 2017

    Tuesday, 7th. November 2017

    Tuesday, 5th. December 2017

    Tuesday, 2nd. January 2018

    Tuesday, 6th. February 2018

    Tuesday, 6th. March 2018

    Tuesday, 3rd. April 2018

    Tuesday, 1st. May 2018

    Tuesday, 5th. June 2018

    Tuesday, 3rd. July 2018




Indoor Flying - Venues, Rules, Details & Etiquette

The Venues

As usual we will be running Indoor R/C flying events in the Main Hall, Havant Leisure Centre, Civic Centre Road, Havant, Hants PO9 2AY (directions).

Indoor F/F and small R/C flying events are held in the Main Hall, Wickham Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, Hants PO17 5AL.

The main hall at Wickham Community Centre is suitable for fixed wing models up to a maximum weight of 95 grammes (3.5 ounces) and helicopters with a maximum rotor diameter of 305mm (12”)

Also, following our successful trial event last April at Fleming Park Leisure Centre, we will be holding a further six events. The Leisure Centre can be found at Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh, SO50 9NL.

All events are supported by the BMFA Southern Area. Proof of BMFA insurance will be required at all events. Charges and details of the evenings can be found here

Havant Leisure Centre

The Main Hall at Havant Leisure Centre (directions) is an eight badminton court size sportshall. Refreshments may be obtained from the many vending machines located in the Leisure Centre.

Fleming Park

Details to follow shortly

Wickham Community Centre

The Main Hall at Wickham Community Centre has a floor area of 3980 squarwickhame feet. The ceiling is high, with few obstructions to cause models to hang up. The centre has tables and chairs which are arranged in the hall to suit.

R/C Details

Experience from previous indoor R/C meetings has shown that five models of a similar type can be safely flown simultaneously in the hall, provided that left or right hand circuits are agreed beforehand by all pilots. Helicopters are generally flown in a corner of the hall away from the fixed-wing aircraft. Slots can be made available for small/light models to give their pilots some flying time without the presence of shock flyers.  Slots can also be made available for helicopter fliers as well if required. The organisers reserve the right to ban any model deemed unsuitable for flight in the hall. If, in the opinion of the organisers, an individual cannot control his model safely, he will be required to stop flying. This is on the grounds of safety. Although in previous years Flitehook attended the majority of R/C meetings, due to other committments John and Pauline will not be able to attend these meetings until the February and March 2010 meetings. George Worley, of 4-Max, the electric flight specialists, will be in attendance at all meetings this winter and will bring along a sample of his extensive range of electric flight equipment. No free flight models may be flown at indoor R/C events.

See Future Events for dates and times of forthcoming meetings.  

R/C Etiquette

These rules have been drafted to ensure that Indoor R/C Flying at Havant is carried out in a safe manner.

1.   Before your first flight, each 35MHz transmitter must be checked against the scanner for correct frequency. After this check is complete, the transmitter must be logged in with the frequency controller and left in the transmitter pound.

2.   35 MHz Transmitters will only be released from the transmitter pound for flying when both the correct frequency peg and one of the red flight pegs are available. The red flight pegs are used to control the number of models in the air at one time.

3.   The pegboard operates on a "peg-off" system. Before switching your 35MHz transmitter on, please ensure you attach the correct frequency peg and a red flight peg to your aerial.

4.   Do not extend the transmitter aerial fully until you are standing in the pilots' box.

5.   All pilots must be standing in the pilots' box (marked by four cones) to fly. Pilots must not leave the pilots' box to retrieve models with transmitters switched on.

6.   When more than two models are in the air, all pilots should fly left hand circuits. By the agreement of all pilots this can be changed to right hand circuits. Pilots should not fly mixed left and right hand circuits at the same time. (Note - Shock fliers generally do not fly circuits, but care must be taken to avoid mid-air collisions).

7.   On completion of your flight, please return all pegs and your 35MHz transmitter promptly to the frequency controller to enable other fliers to take their turn.

8.   If you are flying on 35MHz and wish to set your model up, you should ask the frequency controller for your transmitter and the appropriate frequency peg only. Whilst setting up your model do not extend your aerial fully unless you are adjacent to the pilots' box. Whilst setting up your model and/or connecting the flight pack please ensure the model is pointed away from the spectators' area. On completion of setting up, your transmitter and the associated frequency peg must be returned to the frequency controller promptly.

9.   Flight times are limited to a maximum of 5 minutes to allow all pilots a reasonable number of flights.

10.   In general, the maximum number of fixed-wing models flying at any one time will be limited to five. This limit may be varied at the frequency controller's discretion.

11.   In the event that sufficient pilots wishing to fly small/ight models are present, slots will be created for small/ight models only.  All shock flyers/large models are to cease flying when the start of the small/ight model slot is called.

12.   In the event that sufficient pilots wishing to fly helicopters are present, slots will be created for helicopters only. All shock flyers/large models are to cease flying when the start of the helicopter slot is called.

13.   In the event of any dispute, the frequency controller's decision is final.

Note    These rules are provisional and may be updated as events take place.  

F/F Details

Admission to the free flight meetings will be £4 for adult fliers and £1 for junior fliers. Wives/partners and accompanied junior spectators will be admitted free. The organisers reserve the right to ban any model deemed unsuitable for flight in the hall. Flitehook, who carry a large stock of indoor models and accessories, will usually attend the free flight meetings. No R/C models may be flown at indoor free flight events.

See Future Events for dates and times of forthcoming meetings.  

F/F Etiquette

1.   Please keep the centre of the floor clear - for other fliers.

2.   Launch from the outside of your expected flight pattern, and leave the centre open for other flights.

3.   Walk round the hall rather than across.

4.   Retrieve from the nearest edge - even if a long walk is involved. You get to see everyone's hanger that way.

5.   Please walk slowly. Just the draft is enough to upset a flight. (This especially applies to children. Please try to calm their (understandable) excitement.) If anyone treads on a labour of love it is upsetting, and it can, and does, happen by accident, but should not happen through thoughtlessness.

6.   Look out for other planes at all times and especially whilst launching - shooting down is not funny, and especially not when it is easily avoided.

7.   Most important of all. - Have FUN, and help the others have FUN too.