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  • Waltham Chase Aeromodellers is a BMFA affiliated club with its own flying site at Bishops Waltham, Hampshire. All types of model are supported by the club, including R/C power, glider and electric, helicopter, multi-copter control-line and free-flight.

    The club actively supports the BMFA achievement scheme and has a number of club examiners.  The club runs a number of social and aeromodelling oriented events throughout the year, in particular both indoor radio-control and indoor free flight meetings during the winter.

    We are a popular and busy club with limited membership; at this time we have no vacancies and membership will be closed until our Annual General Meeting at the end of the year. Click here to enquire about membership.


     A cautionary tale on Lipo's can be found here


     It has been a sad time with the loss of our president, Steve Warren - please follow this link to read his obituary from Howard Metcalfe, ex-chairman and founding member.

KK Falcon
Majestic Major
Monday, 15 May 2017 17:34

Lipo Safety

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A cautionary tale from Dave ....


This morning I received an unusual phone call from my neighbour to say smoke was escaping from my garage door, fearing the worst I ran to it only to discover the batteries had been charging in preparation for the days flying were fiercely burning away on my charging station with the garage filled with smoke.

Immediately I disconnected the smouldering chargers and threw the stainless steel serving dish containing the largish 4S lipo's connected to my multi port and standalone chargers out the door onto the gravel gaining some minor burns to my hands in the process

There they continued to blaze away with one exploding into flames until I extinguished them and ventilated the garage, fortunately apart from some scorching to the adjacent door frame and a lot of acrid smoke nothing else was harmed, this time I was very lucky although my charge station was specifically constructed to contain such an incident with an insulating upper deck, I suspect one of the older packs had a defective cell that subsequently overcharged and started it off.

The end result of this is I am going to be even more cautious about my charging routine in the future keeping my packs in a heavy ceramic slow cooker pot with a glass lid on top, I already store my packs in army surplus ammo tins and whilst close by, these were unscathed.

Let this be a warning, treat these things with respect they contain a lot of potential energy and as we use them routinely it's easy to become complacent, my incident was only a a short distance away from becoming a total loss.


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